Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Very slow knitting month.

So what if I've mainly been sticking to wash cloths and large rectangles.
I like rectangles.

And at least they're lacy.

That's right, folks.
I've started on Branching Out.
Scary, I know, but worth my time.
It's keeping my brain cells in practice as I work wonderfully well, make a mistake, and find a way to neatly rig it again.

I'm becoming a genius.

I should take pictures...
I should.

But until then... pretend it's amazingly gorgeous and sexy.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Faces are overrated anyway...

Check it out!
Almost another Grrr done!
And this one was actually easy and fun to knit!
I heart Berroco Love It yarn.

And I love that the back of the pattern is so super sexy too!

Can you believe this hotness?!!?
Just wait until it has an actual FACE!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Grrrr! Did I scare you?!!?

Another GRRR today.
I suppose I should technically be able to finish one in one day, but I'm not quite talented enough yet.
Or... I guess the technical term would be PATIENT enough.

I love the way this pattern looks, but I apparently have the pattern following skills of a four year old crack addict.

This shit is HARD for me to concentrate on.

Is it okay to say the word 'shit' in a blog where I'm writing about a little old lady type of habit?
Or am I grounded from the cookie jar today?

I'm only about halfway finished. Which is annoying, as I spent hours doing it... but in all fairness to me, I ripped it back about 43 billion times because I'm a moron who can't count or use fine motor skills.

I suppose I shouldn't admit that I'm now stuck in the process of making a baby blanket because I didn't knit anything in time for the shower I attended earlier that I was going to make a bunch of these washcloths for, but then again, no one is reading this at the moment, and I can admit anything I darned well want to.

(I'm not sure why it is that I can say shit but must use darned.)

This pattern truly is gorgeous and totally whimsical... I want one in every single bathroom I own (2) and probably more than one.
ACTUALLY I want it in a blanket pattern, but that's about as likely to happen as world peace and a gay president.

This yarn is the Berocco something or other... I put that in for good technical measure, as I truly don't have a clue what the difference makes yet...
I can't afford super nice yarn and don't know the terms to sound intelligent.

Still, the best part of the pattern for me is the back.
I don't know why... the front is gorgeous, but the back just has character.
or. Character on the back of character.

I couldn't really get a good picture of it but it's so freaking cool!

Many more to come, maybe even completed one day projects one day, but for right now... just the gorgeous pink.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Giving in and keep on keeping on!

I suppose I should admit that I'm officially becoming a yarnie.
I wasn't going to give in.
I can't really afford to be, as for yarnies, a good yarn is as addictive as crack.
And since I'm not a crackhead, I can't be a yarnie.

See? That's logical, right?

But, I'm giving in.
I'm conceding.
I was fighting a losing battle anyway...
after all... it's something creative... that I don't have to get off of my ass to do, right?

Yeah, it was all for me.

Currently I'm knitting the Montego Bay Scarf, which I'm pretty darned proud of at the moment.
And by that I mean... I've only made one mistake - and I made it tonight - and it's pretty darned sexy.

Isn't the yarn yummy? I just want to bite it's ear. You know... if it had an ear.

Tonight there is even more done... though you'll have to mind the orange background.

I would only post once I'm done, but darnit, I'm just so proud that it looks similar to the pattern and not like a freak of nature!

Go Lish!