Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Yay for Levees!

A break from the knitting life!

Yay for levees!

So, After a little scrounging around, I found some pictures of what the view looks like from work normally… and what it looks like now with the… um… extra water.
We hit the flood stage this morning, so I don’t know what we’re at now…

But the water isn’t supposed to crest until this weekend.
And ironically enough, we’re also under a hugely critical wildfire warning too apparently.

But, I digress…
Oh, and ignore the way that blogger likes to remove the right margin of all of my landscape photos. yay for blogger. NOT!


Riverboats view from the 17th floor.

and… today…



Memphis Bridge from 17th floor

Mud Island from the 17th Floor

and today….



view from 17

and today…



view from 17

And today… though not exactly in the same spot – you can even see the water going around the bend at President’s Island! Note the building on Mud Island – and see where it is in both pictures!



Now… Mud Island will only be – after this crests this weekend and recedes…



Friday, March 21, 2008

The world as I see it.

I'd love to say that I haven't been neglecting my blog, but that would be a lie.
And my momma says lies are bad.

So I won't say that.

I will however, offer you up a good many reasons why there are no updates on my many begun knitting projects:

A. They are too much in the beginning stage for me to photograph for you.
B. It was before spring. There is a biological need to wait to blog until spring.
C. You're not supposed to blog on an empty stomach, and I've been dieting.
D. Dieting didn't work, but then I promised myself I would only blog if I started exercising again.
E. Which didn't work, so now I'm blogging on work holidays. The next is in May.

Ah, okay, the truth is that nothing is going on.
I'm on a heel flap on the monkeys...
I'm knitting my second clap.
I've started my afghan.
I bought yarn for an everychanging sweater - I can't decide on the Glee, the Rusted Root, the Wicked, or the Central Park Hoodie.

My stash has grown to scary preportions...
Okay. not scary, but too large for someone with Absolutely No Room.

And... My fat is slowly overtaking my ability to say no to key lime pie.

That is all.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The Tale of Two Projects.

The tale of the never-ending Clapotis.

Okay, so it's gorgeous. and it was SUPPOSED to be for my mom's birthday... but it seems like I keep getting distracted.

Plus I'm slow.

and then there is the mini sock.

Why did they do this to me?!!? I was NORMAL before knitting.

But... the yarn IS gorgeous... DAMNIT, people!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Long time, no blog.

Okay, let's be honest.
I can either blog, or I can knit.
And they were right, this thing - this habit, this hobby... is somewhat akin to cocaine addiction, because I can't stop spending money and I can't stop doing it.
Even if my arms are hurting - I just get a project with bigger needles and less work.
I have projects for the times when I'm really mentally awake, like lace...
and projects for when I'm super tired... hats, etc.
I've got hibernating projects that I never want to see again.
I've got gifts that I feel like I'll never finish because I keep getting distracted.
And now...
I've got socks.

Oh sure, I can't actually knit a sock yet.
But. I started a mini sock tonight at my first sock class, and I'm in love.
Only... perhaps it does help that it's mini and therefore I can see my progress a lot quicker - but still... who wouldn't want to do this? It's a tiny project that doesn't weight much...
and it's a sock.

oh, sock love, you know my name.