Friday, March 21, 2008

The world as I see it.

I'd love to say that I haven't been neglecting my blog, but that would be a lie.
And my momma says lies are bad.

So I won't say that.

I will however, offer you up a good many reasons why there are no updates on my many begun knitting projects:

A. They are too much in the beginning stage for me to photograph for you.
B. It was before spring. There is a biological need to wait to blog until spring.
C. You're not supposed to blog on an empty stomach, and I've been dieting.
D. Dieting didn't work, but then I promised myself I would only blog if I started exercising again.
E. Which didn't work, so now I'm blogging on work holidays. The next is in May.

Ah, okay, the truth is that nothing is going on.
I'm on a heel flap on the monkeys...
I'm knitting my second clap.
I've started my afghan.
I bought yarn for an everychanging sweater - I can't decide on the Glee, the Rusted Root, the Wicked, or the Central Park Hoodie.

My stash has grown to scary preportions...
Okay. not scary, but too large for someone with Absolutely No Room.

And... My fat is slowly overtaking my ability to say no to key lime pie.

That is all.

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